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Welcome to Midtown Market, Paducah’s premier gourmet grocery store. We carry high quality local produce, organic foods and unique flavors that you won’t find easily anywhere else in our region. At Midtown Market we have something for everyone, from made to order sandwiches and Boar’s Head meats and cheeses in our deli, to custom cuts of steak and other responsibly-raised meats found in our custom meat shop. We partner with local farmers and producers in order to carry as many locally-resourced fruits, vegetables and other products made in western Kentucky. In fact, we carry more Kentucky Proud products than almost any other grocery retailer in this end of the state. 

Whether you’re seeking an alternative to processed foods, or looking for organic produce and a variety of gluten-free items, our gourmet grocery carries high quality foods that are sure to meet your taste buds’ expectations. 

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Superbowl Snacks

Football fan or not, almost everyone looks forward to noshing during the Superbowl (or any sporting event for that matter).   While we can’t promise your team will win, Midtown Market can guarantee that you will score big with game day food sold at the market.

If cooking is not your thing, let Midtown Market cater your party.  We offer a variety of sandwich trays including: Boar’s Head sliders, chicken salad sliders, specialty deli sandwiches, and Boar’s Head meat and cheese.  We can also cater salads, vegetable trays with ranch, and fruit trays. 

Glenn Hall Photography

Glenn Hall Photography

Our deli has premade bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers – a definite fan favorite and all you have to do is reheat.  We can also do deviled eggs or different house made dips.  Have you tried our pimento cheese?  

Head to our meat department for ribs and check out our selection of BBQ sauce and spice rubs – we have names you know and names you will come to love!  We also have stuffed burgers and prime steaks.  We can offer cooking tips and recommendations. 

Glenn Hall Photography

Glenn Hall Photography

Midtown Market has a large gourmet cheese selection if you want to create a charcuterie board with prosciutto or salamis.  And don’t forget about our olive bar!  We also carry popular game fare staples like chips, salsa, cookies, and popcorn. 


Come see us or give us a call at 270-444-3996.  Comment and let us know what is your favorite Midtown Market Superbowl Snack.

Healthy Eating in the New Year with Seasonal Produce

A holiday season with friends, family, and rich food, often leaves us ready to conquer the new year with the goal of a healthier diet.  Below, we have come up with a list of vegetables and fruits that are considered in season in early winter, so you do not have to sacrifice taste or freshness when trying to eat healthy.


Cauliflower is a late fall/early winter vegetable. In addition to tasting great roasted, try having cauliflower “mashed” one night instead of potatoes or “riced” next time you have stir fry.  You can even use it as an alternative to pizza crust. 

Cabbage is low in calories, rich in fiber, and inexpensive.  It is a very versatile vegetable and can be used as a salad, in soups, or steamed. 

Parsnips are a close relative to carrots and peak in the winter.  They are a good source of vitamin C, folate, and manganese.  They are wonderful roasted, pureed in soups, and mashed.   Parsnips are sweet like carrots but have a nuttier flavor. 

Beets are rich in a variety of essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and potassium.  They work well with sharp, salty cheeses (check out our vast cheese selection at Midtown Market).  Beets taste great marinated or pickled and also pair well with citrus fruits.

Grapefruit is known to help maintain healthy blood pressure and heart health.  It has also been said to help boost weight loss.  You can eat it alone, but we encourage you to try it on a salad – especially partnered with bold winter greens. 

Pears, (particularly Bosc, Comice, and Anjou), are also in season during the winter.  They provide an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C.  Pears are good alone, poached, or paired with citrus on a green salad. 

Midtown Market is committed to providing the community with fresh, seasonal food varieties.  Let us know what you think of this list and feel free to share any other seasonal favorites or recipes. 

Secrets to Alternative Foods for a Well-Balanced Diet

We all know that moderation is key to maintaining a well-balanced diet. But it’s difficult to eliminate certain foods from our diet entirely. Lourdes Hospital clinical dietician Renee Waggoner says that unless recommended by a physician, eliminating foods entirely simply isn’t necessary.

An Alternative to Pasta


Let’s start with pasta. Who doesn’t love a giant bowl of penne soaked in our favorite creamy, white pasta sauce? While pasta served in moderation can be perfectly fine, it’s filled with complex carbohydrates that can make it difficult for those trying to lose weight to shed any pounds (1 cup of pasta = 220 calories). Renee suggests purchasing a spiral slicer and creating heart-healthy noodles out of things like zucchini and squash. 

Mix Up the Menu: Mix 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta with ½ cup of spiral veggies and serve with a moderate serving of fresh, low calorie pasta sauce.

The Skinny on Coconut Oil

The oil has received a lot of buzz in recent years, some touting it as the next best thing to sliced bread. But is it really a healthy alternative to butter and partially hydrogenated shortening? Some research says yes, in moderation. Consumers seeking to control their saturated fat intake should use caution. Virgin Coconut Oil offers many of the same cooking properties as butter and does not have the same negative effects cholesterol. Therefore, it is considered to be a “good fat.” However, it is still a saturated fat and contains calories. So it should be used with caution and moderation for those seeking to develop a heart-healthy lifestyle.

(NOTE: Partially hydrogenated coconut oil and refined coconut oil does not have the same positive effect on raising good cholesterol. So read the labels carefully).

Are Liquid Aminos Healthier Than Soy Sauce? 


While some mistake soy sauce’s high levels of antioxidants as a sign of a healthy product, however, soy sauce is loaded with sodium and does not contain antioxidants known as isoflavones that other soy products contain. Whereas liquid aminos, a non-fermented product derived from soy, are generally promoted as GMO-free and gluten-free, and contain protein and amino acids. Some brands, such as Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, are also vegan-friendly.

Refined Sugar vs. Sweeteners

Renee says that in small doses honey and sweeteners such as Truvia can be used as substitutes for table sugar in small doses. She cautions users that, while our bodies may receive more nutrients from honey than refined white sugar, the calorie content of honey is actually higher than table sugar (table sugar = 16 calories; honey = 22 calories). So the rules of moderation still apply here.


Try substituting apple butters and nut butters for jellies and jams that are traditionally sweetened with refined white sugar. Apple butters contain protein and vitamins, while nut butters are packed with protein, vitamins and good fat. However, if you’re counting calories, both contain carbohydrates and often as many calories as traditional jams and jellies. Therefore, while sweeteners like honey are certainly less processed than white sugar, and nut butters offer more energy-boosting proteins, moderate amounts of any of these substitutions is recommended, especially for those trying to lose weight. 

Meat Lovers, Rejoice!

For those meat lovers reading this you’ll be happy to know that unless a doctor has recommended you eliminate red meat from your diet, moderate portions can still be healthy. If you’re looking for less saturated fat and lower cholesterol, then try trading in the hamburger meat for ground round and substitute your rib eye steak with a T-bone, porterhouse or sirloin steak.

Smart Substitutes to Starch

So what’s wrong with white rice or an occasional potato? Nothing, really. Renee says. It’s what we add to these starchy foods that get us into trouble. Renee suggests substituting wild rice for white rice. Wild rice is rich in fiber and offers more nutritional value. She also suggests sweet potatoes over white potatoes. There are many great recipes out there to help you transform a sweet potato into a savory treat.


As a dietician, Renee finds value in almost all foods. It’s simply how one puts their plate together that makes the difference between a healthy, well-balanced diet and a less thoughtful one.

“Here’s what I tell my clients. Half of your plate should be filled with veggies, one-fourth meat, and one-fourth starch,” she says. “If you’ll follow that as a guide you won’t have a problem with over indulging on the wrong foods.”


Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

Good News for Tea Drinkers

Here’s some good news for tea drinkers during this cold and flu season. In its purest form (meaning it contains no additives), green tea, black tea and white tea are among the healthiest beverages on the planet, says nutritional therapy consultant Julie Folsom.

Tea is loaded with theanine, an ingredient that occurs naturally in tea. Theanine helps boost the body’s immune system, which means drinking tea throughout the day could help your body fight cold and flu symptoms before they hit. In fact, Harvard University researchers found that drinking five cups of black tea a day played a role in increasing the body’s immune system after just two weeks.  So if you aren’t currently drinking tea, it might be worth a try.

If you’re reading this article and thinking, “I already have a cold!” Never fear. Drinking hot tea even after cold symptoms have surfaced is still beneficial. Tea is soothing and can help promote faster recovery time. Pair a cup of tea with a spoonful of honey and you’ll find soothing relief from a nagging cough or an irritated, sore throat, as well.

Drinking Kombucha Can Boost the Immune System

A product that may be less familiar to some of our readers is Kombucha, a fermented drink usually made with black or green teas. It contains several health boosting ingredients that can aid in preventing and relieving the symptoms of colds and flus.

“The tea is fermented using good bacteria and yeast. The end product is effervescent and contains vinegar, B-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and a high concentration of acids that can help support the body’s immune system, among other things,” Julie says.

Apple Cider Vinegar May Reduce Sinus Drainage & Clear Out Mucus

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Housewives all over the world have touted the wonders of vinegar as a cleaning and cooking ingredient for centuries. However, in these modern times, many of us have lost touch with the health benefits of this natural ingredient. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of salt dissolved in water can actually aid in soothing a cough or sore throat.

“There are several scientific findings to support claims that vinegar can help all sort of health problems,” says Julie. Those benefits include balancing pH levels to help rid the body of cold and flu germs, soothing sore throats, alleviating sinus drainage and it’s been helpful in thinning mucus.

If you’re prone to stomach problems, you should consult your doctor before trying vinegar as a remedy for cold or flu symptoms, as the acidity of vinegar can sometimes irritate sensitive digestive systems.

Regardless of whether you want to avoid a cold or the flu, or simply need a break from the symptoms, natural remedies such as herbal teas, apple cider vinegar and Kombucha can provide much needed relief. Stop by the store to find a variety of products formulate especially to minimize cold and flu symptoms.

Easy Weeknight Salmon

If you’re anything like the rest of us, cooking a healthy dinner on a weeknight is a challenge to say the least. Whether you’re a working mom or a single dad, the struggle to put good food on the table is real!

That’s what makes fresh salmon so appealing. It’s easy to prepare, extremely versatile in how one can serve it and it continues to be an affordable fresh fish. It can be baked, steamed or grilled.

It’s also amazingly healthy. Who knew something so delicious could also be so good for you, too?

Health Benefits of Salmon

·        Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids – the GOOD fats!

·        Natural source of Vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium and keeps our bones strong

·        Heart healthy, according to the American Heart Association.

You’ll also be happy to know that mercury levels in salmon are some of the lowest. So individuals can safely consume salmon, shrimp, catfish, pollock or light canned tuna about two times each week. Even better, the fresh caught fish sold at Midtown Market are free of chemicals and antibiotics.

Photo: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo: Glenn Hall Photography

While salmon is delicious, it does present a challenge. It is sometimes easy to overcook in the oven or burn on the grill. Here are some simple tips that will make salmon a delicious main dish on your weeknight meal plan.

In the Oven:

  • When cooking salmon in the oven remove the skin.
  • Bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

On the Grill:

  • When grilling, it's best to leave the salmon skin on. Cook the fish with the skin side down. Let the skin get crispy. Then flip the fish over and the skin will be easy to remove. This method helps prevent overcooking or burning the fish.      
  • Grill salmon for 10 to 12 minutes.
Photo: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo: Glenn Hall Photography

If you’re looking to jazz up the menu this week, our resident grill master Ricky Rowell suggests the Wild Alaskan Salmon Rub. It’s a flavorful, dry rub that works well on the grill or in the oven. Another tasty option is Captain Rodney's Tequila Lime Glaze. It's a sweet and spicy glaze that pairs well with salmon’s natural flavor. Because the glaze contains a high sugar content, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your fish when grilling in order to prevent burning.

For other tips and suggestions talk to one of our associates. They are full of helpful information and happy to assist. 

Considering a Gluten Free Diet?

Photo by Glenn Hall Photography

Photo by Glenn Hall Photography

MYTHS about Gluten

First of all, let’s clear up a few misconceptions.

  • Wheat free does not mean the product is also gluten free.

  • Gluten free diets are not necessarily low-calorie, low fat, low sodium or overall healthy diets. While gluten free diets can certainly be healthy, there are several gluten free junk foods hitting the market these days. So carefully review food labels before making a purchase.
  • Gluten, in and of itself, is not considered a toxin. Therefore, a gluten free diet is not going to function as a “detox” for your system.

Who does a gluten free diet benefit?

Those who benefit most from a gluten free diet are those diagnosed with Celiac Disease or those who suffer from a gluten allergy. People diagnosed with celiac disease have trouble processing gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. The undigested protein causes the immune system to attack the small intestine and often causes diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain. Those, whose bodies are sensitive to gluten, but not necessarily allergic to it, are likely to experience joints that ache, headaches, sensitivity, skin rashes and sometimes a tingling in their extremities.

Dr. Michael Winters of Winters Wellness Center often prescribes patients with a gluten free diet. He says gluten free diets can help persons with a broad spectrum of health issues, from those suffering from digestive issues to skin issues and inflammation.

“Sometimes a gluten free diet can help autoimmune conditions,” says Dr. Winters. “That could be anything from Hashimoto’s Disease to Psoriasis and other skin conditions. It may sometimes even include brain fog and neurological conditions.”

He says gluten free diets are also useful to individuals who want to reduce inflammation in the body.

“Inflammation may present as joint aches and pains, fatigue or swelling, as well as skin conditions,” says Dr. Winters.

So what does a healthy, gluten free diet look like?

Photo by Glenn Hall Photography

Photo by Glenn Hall Photography

It’s a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, rice, corn, lean meats, dairy products and quinoa. Nutritional Therapy Consultant Julie Folsom cautions those seeking a gluten free diet to carefully read food labels.

“In their natural form, vegetables, fruit, meats and dairy products are gluten free foods,” she says. “However, they can become contaminated by gluten through breading, sauces, batters, flavorings and other additives. When in doubt read the ingredients of processed foods.”

Some common things to avoid on product labels include wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt and other grains.

While many gluten free diets can lead a person to better health and weight loss, the label gluten free does not guarantee that the food is healthy.

“Some gluten free foods are filled with substitutes such as other grains and sugars. These substitutions are going to be inflammatory and can create other types of problems. The best way to be gluten free is to just eat good, healthy, natural foods, such as lean meats, veggies and fruits,” says Dr. Winters.

Julie recommends looking for the “Certified Gluten Free” label. Midtown Market carries several products that meet her recommendations.

“This certification ensures that the product does not contain gluten and has not been exposed to gluten during processing,” she says.

While a gluten free diet may not be a good diet for everyone, we have several customers at Midtown Market who require these specialty products. So we do our best to carry a wide range of gluten free items on our shelves and in our deli case. Some of our staple products include:

  • Cereals
  • Crackers
  • Deli sandwiches
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Cookies
  • Boar's Head meats & cheeses
  • Side dishes in our deli case
  • Several grains in our bulk bins and more

We do our best to provide products that our customers want and cannot find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a gluten free product that you do not see on our shelves please let us know. We’ll do our best to find it and get you connected with the products you need.



Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


So you have one of those moms who claims she lacks for nothing and has no expectation of receiving a Mother’s Day gift on Sunday. But you know your mom. A thoughtful gift would make her day, no matter what she says. There’s no way you’re going to show up empty handed on her special day. 

Right now, you might be asking yourself one of these questions.

If you’re a procrastinator or a busy mom yourself:

“You mean, this Sunday is Mother’s Day? Yikes! I don’t have any ideas for what to get her this year!”

Or you may have simply run out of thoughtful gift ideas:

“What do you give the woman who seems to have everything? Or what do you give the mother who really does have everything?” 

No matter what predicament you find yourself in today, there is no need to fret. We’ve got you covered with loads of gift baskets and gift ideas at Midtown Market—gift baskets to tantalize Mom’s taste buds, gift baskets to fit your budget and gifts to fit just about any diet that dear old mom might be trying out these days.

If you’re looking for something traditional, then check out our selection of fresh flowers or consider a Midtown Market gift card. However, if you want to do something that shows your mom that you really do pay attention to her tastes and interests, then we recommend a custom gift basket prepared with your mother in mind.

Looking for Local Products

For the mom who has diverse tastes or the mom who seems to always be on the lookout for something new and local, we can stock a gift basket with locally-roasted coffees, honey and jams. We also carry a wide array of regional barbecue sauces and seasonings to round out the selections.

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Snack Packed Gift Baskets

Maybe it’s time to treat mom to a delicious supply of snacks and tasty treats. Try filling a gift basket with snacks of just about every variety, including popcorn, cheese straws, chips, rum cake, fruit chews, cookies and more.


Every basket we create at Midtown Market is designed with the end user in mind. So if you need a gift basket that fits a particular budget or your mom has a particular interest that you want to satisfy, then call our store and talk to our Gourmet Market Manager, Kim Thompson. Kim is a natural when it comes to pairing wonderful foods and flavors with the right personalities. And being that she is a mother of five children herself, you might say she knows a thing or two about what moms like.

No matter what gift you choose for Mom this year, she’s sure to love something from Midtown Market. 

Join the Midtown Market Seafood Club


Are you ready to wrap your taste buds around the freshest catch of the day? Each week Midtown Market receives shipments of fresh fish and seafood that tastes great with any of our spice rubs and marinades. Enjoy fresh salmon, tuna and tilapia each week. Or if you’re looking for something a little more intense then join our Seafood Club. It’s free to join and there are no obligations to make a purchase. Simply sign up for our monthly e-mails and Ricky will let you know what fresh fish and seafood is scheduled to arrive each week.

We’ve shipped in everything from live lobsters to King Crab Legs, wild-caught fish, stone crabs and fresh oysters. Every Friday we receive something different, seafood that you won’t find at other local grocery stores in Paducah. Fresh caught seafood is shipped to our market overnight and we make it available to the customer the very next morning. You can’t live in the middle of the Upper South and get saltwater fish and seafood any more fresh than that.


Here’s a little something to try the next time you grill tuna steaks.

Most tuna steaks on restaurant menus are cooked to medium rare. This is easy to do and happens rather quickly. Midtown Market butcher Ricky Rowell likes to cover each steak with a little olive oil and adds a light citrus and herb seasoning. Midtown Market carries a Lemon Basil Thyme herbal rub if you’re looking for something easy to prepare on a weeknight. After seasoning each steak, grill the tuna for about four to five minutes on each side.

Voila! You have now prepared a feast fit for a king!