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Welcome to Midtown Market, Paducah’s premier gourmet grocery store. We carry high quality local produce, organic foods and unique flavors that you won’t find easily anywhere else in our region. At Midtown Market we have something for everyone, from made to order sandwiches and Boar’s Head meats and cheeses in our deli, to custom cuts of steak and other responsibly-raised meats found in our custom meat shop. We partner with local farmers and producers in order to carry as many locally-resourced fruits, vegetables and other products made in western Kentucky. In fact, we carry more Kentucky Proud products than almost any other grocery retailer in this end of the state. 

Whether you’re seeking an alternative to processed foods, or looking for organic produce and a variety of gluten-free items, our gourmet grocery carries high quality foods that are sure to meet your taste buds’ expectations. 

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All-Natural Meat Defined

The term “all-natural” is used loosely among consumers and manufacturers. Believe it or not, the meaning of the phrase is currently still poorly defined within the meat and produce industries. In fact, until recently, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had not laid out a clear-cut definition of the words “all-natural” at all. So, while that definition is now in progress, we thought it would be helpful to our customers to explain just exactly what we at Midtown Market define as “all-natural” meats.

First of all, when we select natural meats for our meat shop or deli, we adhere to the USDA’s definition, which states that a product can be deemed natural when it contains “no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.” Minimally processed means that when the item is produced, the nature of the item cannot be fundamentally altered from its original state.

The meat must also contain a label that includes a statement which explains the meaning of the term natural, such as “no artificial ingredients” or “minimally processed.” If meat is not clearly labeled as natural, then don’t assume that it is no matter where you shop.

At Midtown Market we go a step further and define our natural meat as that which contains no artificial flavors, colors or ingredients and no chemical preservatives have been added. We sell beef and chicken that has never been frozen. No growth enhancement hormones or antibiotics are ever used on meats labeled as natural in our store. In addition to this, our natural beef has also been grass fed throughout its entire life.

Midtown Market butcher Ricky Rowell is very selective in the quality of meats that he allows to be sold at Midtown Market. That has made him an expert in the natural meat department around here. If you have any questions regarding the all-natural labels we use, please consult one of our employees. We’re all happy to help!

Photo credits: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo credits: Glenn Hall Photography

6 Steps to Preparing a Savory Charcuterie Board

What is a Charcuterie Board?

It is a curated selection of cured meats and sausages that has become a crowd-pleasing hors d’oeuvres. A charcuterie board pairs well with a cheese platter or can serve as a light dinner when you don’t feel like cooking a full meal. A well-executed charcuterie board will include a blend of savory meats, paired with sweet, complementary flavors.

We asked Midtown Market chef Jessi Donaldson for a simple guide to preparing a charcuterie board, using her favorite Midtown Market products. This is what she shared with us. 

Step 1. Select a blend of cured, hard meats such as Boar’s Head salami, sopressata, and prosciutto (Italian ham). Prepare at least three slices of meat per guest,for each variety on your board. Meat should be sliced thin and salami can be cubed. The Midtown Market deli department can slice or cube meat according to your specifications.

Step 2. Many chacuterie boards include various types of pate, however not all palates are able to indulge in this delicacy. So when creating her own board, Chef Jessi selects spreads such as Boar’s Head Stone Ground Mustard, fig jam and Apricot Preserves.

Step 3. Then create a colorful array of pickles, including pickled squash, pickled okra and pickled red peppers.

Step 4. Add in a few varieties of olives from the Midtown Market Olive Bar.

Step 5. Select a variety of crackers and sliced artisan breads to serve with your board.

Step 6.Arrange the meats, spreads and pickles on a platter and serve crackers and breads alongside this tempting creation.

What if I Don’t Know What Flavors to Pair?

Don’t be afraid to ask our staff questions. Someone on our team will have lots of good information for you and can provide you with samples of meat and spreads if you’re having trouble deciding on a particular selection of flavors. Once you prepare your board, take a photo and share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MidtownMarketPaducah.

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

5 Herbs That Will Love You Back

Julie Folsom, Paducah’s newest Nutritional Therapy Consultant, has a few tips for using herbs to improve your overall health. From health benefits to recipe suggestions, Julie gives us the low-down on five of her favorite herbs.

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography


Suffering from headaches, stomach disorders, heart disease, inflammation or just the common cold? If so, fresh basil might be just what the doctor ordered.

“Basil is one of the most used and best loved culinary herbs and for good reason,” Julie says. “Basil settles the stomach and improves the appetite. It’s also a natural disinfectant.”

Who knew! Julie suggests using basil in pesto or preparing a simple tomato and basil sandwich.

“The aroma of basil has a magical way of making you feel happy! A pot of basil growing in a window will provide zest to winter dishes and will inspire dreams of summer,” Julie says.


Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

If you’re feeling tired, or working to manage high blood pressure or diabetes, then you might begin incorporating fresh rosemary into your diet.

“Rosemary stimulates the central nervous system and circulation, which is beneficial for helping to lower blood pressure and sluggishness. When rosemary is combined with other natural herbs, it can be a great tool to help manage diabetes as well,” Julie says.

Other benefits of the herb include improving memory and concentration. Julie suggests roasting fresh rosemary with pork, beef and chicken. It also serves as a tasty complement to roasted vegetables.


For centuries, thyme has been used as a medicinal herb. It can help settle the stomach, and relieve aches and pains. It’s also been used as a sleep aid.

“Thyme is one of the best herbs to use as a cough and cold remedy. It acts as an expectorant to clear the lungs of congestion. It can also be used as an antitussive to calm cough spasms,” Julie says.

Julie says an easy way to incorporate thyme into one’s diet is to sample thyme tea. If you’re not a tea drinker, then you might enjoy using it in some traditional southern Italian pasta sauces. It can be a flavor enhancer for vegetables, roasted potatoes and tomatoes.


Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

“Would you believe that oregano is ranked first among the culinary herbs as a potent antioxidant?” Julie tells us. “Oregano’s medicinal properties can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant compounds that it contains.”

According to some clinical studies, oregano contains compounds that could possibly help protect against heart disease, stroke and cancers.

A great place to add oregano is to pizzas, pasta sauces and soups.


Believe it or not, parsley can be used for a lot more than garnish on a platter. It’s high in iron and rich in Vitamins A, B and C. Parsley has a high concentration of boron and fluoride, which some think may protect against osteoporosis and bone thinning. In addition to this, parsley also contains some trace minerals.

Julie says that parsley aids in digestion and can help prevent gas and bloating. No wonder so many restaurants are using this green goddess of the culinary world! So add it to your favorite dishes and reap the rewards.

Midtown Market carries a wide selection of both fresh and dried herbs. If you’re looking for more menu suggestions, pop your head over our deli counter and we’ll give you a list of our favorites as well. 

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Time to Gobble Up Holiday Menu Favorites

Some of our customers enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, slaving over and preparing a scrumptious holiday meal. For these folks, preparing side dishes and creating a delightful spread of holiday menu items for friends and family is what makes the holidays so special.

But for the rest of you, there’s Midtown Market’s Holiday Menu.

We’re here to help make the holiday season a little brighter this year. We’ll help you prepare a tempting array of holiday side dishes that will pair nicely with the turkey and desserts that line your holiday table. All of those years you’ve spent slaving away in the kitchen will seem like distant memories and you’ll wonder how you ever made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas before Midtown Market came to Paducah.

From now through November 21st, we will take orders for pre-cooked Thanksgiving sides. We will take Christmas orders from now through December 19th.

Here’s what's cooking this season!

Holiday MENU

(Small serves 4, Large serves 12)

  • Traditional Cornbread Dressing             $12.95/$24.95
  • Sweet Potato Casserole                            $12.95/$24.95
  • Green Bean Casserole                               $12.95/$24.95
  • Corn Pudding                                              $12.95/$24.95
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts                       $12.95/$24.95
  • Mashed Potatoes                                       $11.95/23.95
  • Oyster Dressing                                          $13.95/ $27.95
  • Cranberry Chutney                                    $6.50/pt

Orders may be picked up the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas, unless otherwise requested. All sides come with a simple set of reheating instructions.

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Every holiday menu item that comes from our kitchen is made using the freshest ingredients and the most incredible flavors. From our traditional dish of cornbread dressing to our savory green bean casserole, we prepare holiday dishes that will make your guests’ beg for more. So you’d better order a few dishes of everything, (just to be on the safe side).

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Weeknight Meals Served Hot & Fresh

Nothing could be more exciting than the prospect of a brand new kitchen, complete with new cabinets, new appliances and an elegant new design. Yet, as lovely as the prospect of a new kitchen may seem, remodeling is also one of the biggest challenges a homeowner is likely to face. When the home kitchen is out of commission, healthy eating is often thrown to the wayside.

This scenario is all too familiar to Kerri and Nute Bonner, a young Paducah couple who are in the process of updating their West End kitchen. Yet, they have found a solution to their weeknight cooking woes at Midtown Market. After a long day of work, the Bonners pop into Midtown Market and select a couple of the hot, fresh meals that we serve during the week.

Midtown Market’s pre-cooked meals have provided a delicious substitute for homemade dinners,” Kerri says. “Even before the kitchen was torn apart, our busy, on-the-go lifestyle made their hot meals a viable solution for us. After work, Nute and I often hit the gym and then look forward to the delicious, fresh ingredients from Midtown Market because we know they serve healthy meals that aren't full of preservatives.”

Kerri says that Midtown Market has been a lifesaver and a major stress-reducer for her and Nute. They don’t even have to think about what’s for dinner because they know that Midtown Market will have something delicious waiting for them.

Midtown Market serves fresh, hot meals, Monday through Friday, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Meals include a main dish and two sides. Menu items vary each night. From fresh, cheesy lasagna, to savory pot roast, mashed potatoes and green beans. No matter what we have on the menu for the evening, you can count on it being scrumptious. We prepare a limited number of meals each night, so be sure to place your order in advance by calling us at 270.444.3996. 

Photo Credits: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo Credits: Glenn Hall Photography

What’s Italian Broccoli?

There are few things more enviable than a dinner invitation to William and Patience Renzulli’s Lower Town home. For those who don‘t know the Renzullis, they are avid Midtown Market enthusiasts and some of Paducah’s finest dinner party hosts. So believe us when we say that no one on our staff would dream of passing up the opportunity to partake in Bill’s delightful cooking and Patience’s hilarious entertainment.

Bill, a self-taught home cook, dabbles in all things related to pasta. The grandson of Italian immigrants, concocting recipes and preparing dishes inspired by the “Old Country” are just a couple of the creative outlets that Bill enjoys these days.

While Bill grew up eating traditional Italian meals, when it came to gleaning some tips from his mother it wasn’t always easy.

“When I first started exploring Italian cooking I would ask Mom how she did it and she would say, ‘I don’t know, Bill. I just use a little of this and little of that,’” Bill says.

Over the years Bill has learned how to pair flavors and ingredients. Many of those recipes can be found in Bill’s book, A Pasta Journal

The night of the big dinner party, Bill took the Midtown Market crew on a tour of the various pasta pantries located throughout the kitchen. He also introduced us to a few of his essential cooking tools and ingredients for preparing delicious pasta recipes. Two of those ingredients included broccoli rabe and Al Dente pasta, items that Midtown Market just so happens to carry.

For those unfamiliar with broccoli rabe, it’s a leafy green vegetable, related to cabbage and turnips. It is known by a variety of other names, including Italian broccoli, American gai lan, rapini and brocoletti di rape. However, we call it broccoli rabe.

This leafy green can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can be steamed, fried or braised. It can also be incorporated into soups, salads, and into Bill’s personal favorite dishes, pasta! Bill’s affection for broccoli rabe is fitting sincehis Italian roots run deep and everyone knows how much Italians adore broccoli rabe.


Bill told us that there was a time when he made his own pasta noodles. However, since discovering a handmade pasta made by folks in Michigan, he now saves himself a bit of time and uses a product called Al Dente Pasta. In fact, he’s the customer who turned us onto it at Midtown Market, as well.

Al Dente pasta is tender, yet firm, the way pasta is meant to be served. It cooks in just three minutes and maintains the homemade texture that the Renzullis both love. (For those looking for something gluten-free, Midtown Market also carries the Al Dente gluten-free products in addition to the traditional pasta.)

“Al Dente pasta is the closest to homemade that I have found,” Bill says. For someone looking to create authentic Italian cuisine this is a fairly remarkable compliment.

As the evening went along, we all watched Bill work his magic at the chef’s table. We munched on delightful cheeses and stuffed peppers and squash. We chatted with Bill as he prepared a very tasty dish of Broccoli Rabe Supreme. The outcome of that dish was delightful. Good food and even better company always results in a night to remember.

You, too, can enjoy cooking a version of Bill’s Broccoli Rabe Supreme, using the recipe listed below.


Broccoli Rabe Supreme 

You’ll need the following ingredients:

·        Broccoli Rabe, coarsely chopped, stems discarded.  Broccolini maybe used as a substitute. 

·        Penne pasta

·        White mushrooms, sliced

·        Garlic

·        Olive oil

·        Red pepper flakes


Here’s how to do it:

1. Cook the mushrooms in olive oil over high heat with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes until all the liquid they release is cooked off and they begin to brown. 

2. Remove from heat and set aside.

3. Bring a large pot of water to boil, add salt and blanch the Broccoli Rabe for about 3-4 minutes, while heating the garlic in olive oil over medium-low heat. 

4. Add the Broccoli Rabe and cook over low heat while the pasta is cooking in the water that you used for the Broccoli Rabe.

5. Add the pasta and the mushrooms to the Broccoli Rabe and mix well. 

6. Serve with grade Gran Padana cheese.

Find more of Bill’s art, his recipes and his insightful comments on life in his blog, Reflections on a Life in Medicine, Art and Pasta

Photo credits:  Glenn Hall Photography

Are You Ready for Some Football?

At Midtown Market we take football pretty seriously. For 17 glorious weeks we work fast and furiously in the kitchen to whip up some incredible food for our football fans to serve up at tailgating events and football parties. We go to great lengths to make sure that Midtown Market fans are well fed and satisfied, no matter what team they cheer for on game day.

Everything we serve in our store is fresh and made to order. Our customers aren’t going to get a meat and cheese tray, or fruit and veggie tray, lined with day old products or one that’s been sitting in a cooler for a while. We cut everything up on the same day our customers pick up their items and they can always taste the difference.

Just in time for football season, our culinary geniuses have come up with a few crowd-pleasing snacks that are easy to pack for tailgating events and delicious to eat before and after kick off. Here are some fan favorites that you’ll want to stock up on just in time for the big day!

·         Don’t heat up the kitchen. Save yourself the time of cooking and sample our pre-cooked, ready-to-serve wings. They come with a variety of seasonings, including Zesty Buffalo, Honey BBQ or Citrus Chipotle.

·         Spread it on thick! We have just over 12 varieties of cheese spreads made from original Midtown Market recipes and our freshest ingredients. We feature flavors such as Mediterranean Olive, Mediterranean Goat Cheese, Jalapeno & White Cheddar, Chipotle Cheddar Spread, Peppadew Goat Cheese, Smoked Gouda & Pecan, Smoked Salmon, Pistachio Pepperoni, Cajun Crab, Pimento Cheese (Mild, Original, Spicy), Bleu Cheese & Pecan and Porky’s Pimento Cheese (bring on the bacon!)

·         No game is complete without sausages for the grill. We can create customized trays that include all of your favorite meats.

·         Enjoy a wide selection of premium Boar’s Head meats and cheeses in one of our tasty meat and cheese trays. Low sodium and gluten free options are available.

·         Looking for a healthy alternative to treat your fellow fans? Try one of these fruit and veggie trays. We can pair them with hummus and fruit dips. We really know how to make food taste good.

·         There’s no doubt about it. Freshly made salsa just tastes better. Enjoy some of Jessi’s homemade salsa with any variety of organic chips such as the Garden of Eatin Blue Chips

·         If you’re looking for flavors that you can’t find often in Paducah, then you’ll want to try our Good Health Kettle Chips with Avocado Oil and any variety of our Late July Organics, including flavors like Dude Ranch and Sea Salt by the Seashore.

·         Everyone loves a good deviled egg, but they can be a pain to make sometimes. Let us do the hard work for you. They’ll taste good and they’ll still taste fresh by the time your party gets started.

·         No one can pass up Midtown’s delicious pre-cooked chicken tenders. If you have any kiddos running around your event, this will definitely keep them happy.

·         Chicken salad is not just for ladies, fellas. It’s man’s food and we think it’s best served in one of three manly styles, traditional, California or grilled.

·         Game Day can really work up an appetite. Try a few sandwiches, such as the Go Big Blue, Johnny Appleseed and Wild West BLT. They are the perfect way to satisfy the needs of a hungry crowd.

·         No party is complete without a cooler filled with our craft sodas. A few of our favorites are Fitz’s Cream Soda, Reed’s Original Gingerbrew and Fentimans Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger.

No matter what your taste buds are craving these days, we can get you hooked up with something delicious at Midtown Market. Call in your order today, 270.444-3996

Photo Credits: Glenn Hall Photography

Local Honey

One of the perks of being a local grocer is that we get to hand-select the produce and products that we sell. While large chain grocery stores have little to no control over the products they carry, at Midtown Market we actually know many of the producers and farmers whose products line our shelves.

Take our selection of local honey, for example. It’s all natural and produced right here in Paducah, Kentucky, by Annie Broyles and her son-in-law, Chuck Collins of Broyles Apiary on Clinton Road.

For 22 years, the Broyles family has produced local honey and sold it at the Downtown Paducah Farmers Market.  About two years ago, Chuck and Annie’s daughter, Beverly Collins, decided to move back to Paducah. Since then, the couple has helped Annie grow the family business from a small honey producing operation into a full-service beekeeping business.

“Midtown Market is one of our best customers,” Chuck says. “Being able to sell through a local retailer has allowed us to increase the number of bee colonies we have on site and to teach classes on how to do beekeeping in the region.”

The expansion of the Broyles’ apiary business has also been good for Midtown Market customers. Now, rather than waiting until the farmers’ market opens in the spring, fresh honey is available at Midtown Market throughout the year. We now carry a variety of flavored honey produced by Broyles Apiary, as well as a few additional products that Annie creates using the by products of the family’s honey production.

“Working in nature is hard work,” Chuck says. “But it’s well worth the time I get to spend more time with my family and to produce something so many people in our area love.”

There are a variety of foods and recipes that can be naturally sweetened using fresh, local honey. And while it is not medically proven that local honey really does help with allergies, most doctors do agree that it can be used as an effective cough suppressant. So be sure to sample one of the great flavors now available at Midtown Market. 

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Fire Up the Grill

Nothing stirs up neighborhood envy like firing up the grill. With Labor Day celebrations just around the corner, Ricky and the gang at Midtown Market are ready to provide you with the choicest cuts of beef, pork, chicken and the freshest fish available in Paducah for your upcoming grill out events.

In fact, in preparation for the big weekend, we decided to give some of our products a taste test. We brought out the grill and sampled a few of our spice rubs, choice meats and fresh veggies.

We started with the sweet aroma of meat. Lining our grill platter were bone-in ribeyes, prime pork chops, Jamaican jerk pork chops, garlic herb pork tenderloin, tuna steak, salmon and Andouille sausage. Okay, so we may have gone a little overboard with the meats, but we couldn’t resist. Our meat is so good!

Everything we bring into the store has to meet certain criteria before we’ll ever sell it to any of you. We carry grass-fed beef, hormone-free and antibiotic-free chicken, and responsibly raised pork and fish. None of our meat has ever been frozen so it’s guaranteed to have a stellar flavor and to cook up right.

After the meat extravaganza, we threw some fresh sweet corn, squash and peppers on the grill. Other sides included Midtown Market’s pimento cheese and cole slaw from our deli. As if this wasn’t enough tastiness, Chef Sara Bradley stopped by and added a few specialties of her own to the mix, including pickled onions and pickled sweet peppers. Then we all chowed down!

For those of you who want to keep things sweet and simple this Labor Day weekend, Midtown Market carries an array of pre-seasoned meats that we’ve prepared with our house recipes. All you have to do is turn on the grill and cook the meat to your desired temperature. The Jamaican jerk pork chops and garlic herb pork tenderloin are just two examples of some of the flavorful concoctions that come out of our meat department.

 For those who like to do their own thing, we also carry a wide array of spice rubs, marinades and an array of seasonings that can be applied to our freshest, choicest cuts of meat. For starters, we recommend the Chipotle Steak Rub, Himalayan Pink Salt, Lemon Pepper Rub, Smoked Paprika and the Thai Sesame Rub.

 We don’t care how you do it. We just want you to wow your family and friends with the best Labor Day grub ever. So stop by the store and tell Ricky what you’re looking for.  Our gang will fix you right up. 

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Drive Thru Mama

Jessica Koverdan has her hands full these days. She has four kids, two of whom are twins under the age of two. She shares a full case of clients at the business she and her husband, Paul, run together. She has all of this on her plate, not to mention the fact that she’s constantly trying to keep up with the things that need to be done around the Koverdan house. That’s not easy with four kiddos nipping at your heels.

When we told Jessica that she didn’t have to unpack the kids from their car seats in order to run into the store for a half gallon of milk at Midtown Market, she gave us that “Whatchootalkin’ ‘bout, Willis” sort of look and then screamed for joy! Yeah, that happened.

Now when Jessica needs to make a quick run to the store for just a few items, and doesn’t have a sitter to watch the kids, she simply picks up the phone to call Midtown Market, gives one of our associates her short grocery list and then we meet her at the drive thru window with all of her goodies whenever she’s ready to pick them up. How’s that for rock star service?

But please don’t get the wrong idea here. The drive thru window at Midtown Market isn’t just a service for overworked mommies. It’s a service that’s available to everyone who needs to pick up a few quick items at the grocery store and doesn’t have time to go in and shop.

So, to make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of insider tips on the best ways you can use our drive thru service.

·        Looking for a fast lunch without having to hit the fast food drive thru? Call in a lunch order and we’ll have that ready for you.

·        Don’t feel like getting dolled up for a quick trip to the grocery store? Then don’t! We’ll never rat you out for wearing your PJs and leaving the makeup at home. Simply pull up to our drive thru window and hand us your list. We’ll do all the work and all you have to do is pay for the goods.

·        Not feeling too well today? Don’t get out and about as easily as you used to?  Then bring your list of about 5 or less items to the drive thru window and we’ll fix you right up.

Now for some time-saving tricks:

·        You don’t ever have to call ahead, however if you do we might be able to speed up your trip a bit. For instance, if you have a complex order, try calling us to chat about it in advance. We can answer all of your questions over the phone, without holding up the drive thru line when you arrive.

·        Our busiest drive-thru traffic time is typically in the morning when everyone’s getting their morning coffee fix, breakfast sandwiches or burritos.  So if you’re in a hurry, the best time to stop by for groceries is later in the afternoon after 2 p.m.

·        Our weekday dinner orders can also be picked up through the drive thru lane between 4:30 -6PM.  Be sure to call in your order early because dinner is popular around here and those dishes will go fast!

Here’s one final thing to mention. Please don’t ever feel bad for taking advantage of our drive thru services. We want to be used! It’s what drives us to get out of bed and come to work in the morning. So use us and make our lives feel worthwhile.

The drive thru is open Monday-Saturday 6:30AM-6PM and Sunday 8:30AM.

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Olives: Petite Parcels That Pack a Punch

Curious about olives? So were we! Today’s post won’t disappoint. If you don’t believe us when we say it, the items that line our shelves at Midtown Market really are a product of the things our customers tell us they want to see in the store. One thing customers begged us for was an olive bar. So we decided to add one and it’s been a huge hit!

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Aside from the zesty flavors that olives add to salads, pizzas, pasta and breads, they also have a lot of health benefits. In fact, until we started doing the research to support the introduction of an olive bar to our neighborhood grocery we had almost no idea how many benefits are packed into this tiny, tasty fruit.

Yes, that’s right. Olives are fruits. They grow in Mediterranean countries on the olive tree, Olea europaea. Coupled with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, eating olives can do a body a lot of good. Ten medium olives contain only 40 calories. Not bad for a healthy, delicious snack, eh?

Here are a few things we think you will be glad to know:

  1. Olives contain natural components that help to control high blood pressure.

  2. They can help reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol and maintain “good” HDL cholesterol.

  3. Olives are filled with antioxidants, which help protect cells.

  4. Olives contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, and maslinic acid, found in the skin of olives are thought to aid in the prevention of some cancers.

  5. Olives are an excellent source of dietary fiber, iron and Vitamin E 

For hundreds of years, the ancient Mediterranean cultures have endorsed olives for their supposed ability to enhance fertility and the reproductive system. It’s also been said to be an excellent aphrodisiac. We can’t personally vouch for any of that, but encourage you to stock up at our olive bar and explore the benefits on your own (wink, wink).

 Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

A Slice of Pineapple Heaven

Fresh, ripe pineapple adds a hint of tropical pizazz to a variety of dishes. From creamy fruit smoothies, to flavorful grilled fruit, pineapple is a welcome addition to any summer menu.

Since pineapple isn’t exactly native to Western Kentucky, you might enjoy some tips on how to select a ripe fruit. First, the crown of the pineapple should be bright green. Next, the skin should yield to slight pressure when touched. Lastly, give the base a sniff. Yeah, you heard us right. Your pineapple should smell like…well…a pineapple!

Once you’ve selected your fruit, you might be at a loss as to how to slice that bad boy. It is completely doable, but it can be a little tricky. You’ll remove the ends of the pineapple with a sharp knife. Then place the fruit on its end and cut the skin away, slicing from top to bottom. Use a paring knife to remove any remaining “eyes.” Now you’re ready to slice it into quarters in order to remove the core.

Better yet, the next time you buy a pineapple at Midtown Market let us do the dirty work! It only takes a minute and doesn’t cost you a dime. We’ll slice fresh, delicious pineapple rings or pineapple chunks, so that you can enjoy the taste of sweet pineapple without having to do any hard work. 

We’ll also slice your watermelons! So kick your feet up and enjoy one of the many luxuries that come with shopping at Midtown Market. 

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography

Dads are Rad

Here’s a post dedicated to all of the dads out there who have ever received a truly terrible Father’s Day gift. Let’s face it. Father’s Day is the holiday gets buried in the flurry of summer time fun and events. That means that lots of times dear, old dad gets the shaft in the gift department.

If you happen to be a father yourself, then you know exactly what we mean. Dads, it’s time to take a stand. Enough of the golf-themed coffee mugs, the portable briefcase BBQ grills and the glow-in-the-dark boxer shorts! Those items are destined for the church rummage sale in a few years and we all know it.

You’ve endured lame gifts for too long. It’s time to demand the Father’s Day presents that you truly want and deserve. Here,to rev your engines, are a few ideas from the market that are bound to make you salivate. 

Photo Credit  :   Glenn Hall Photography

Photo CreditGlenn Hall Photography

Photo Credit  :   Glenn Hall Photography

Photo CreditGlenn Hall Photography

For the Java Junkie.

Photo Credit  :   Glenn Hall Photography

Photo CreditGlenn Hall Photography

For the guy who lives to grill out.

For the man who’s looking for a taste of the wild side. 

Photo Credit  :   Glenn Hall Photography

Photo CreditGlenn Hall Photography

Just a shot’ll do. 

Photo Credit  :   Glenn Hall Photography

Photo CreditGlenn Hall Photography

For the tough guy.

Photo Credit  :   Glenn Hall Photography

Photo CreditGlenn Hall Photography

Be sure to add these products to your wish list and pass it along to the wife and kids. We’re ready to bag it all up and slap on a nice, manly bow to tie it all together.

It’s time you got something you actually wanted this Father’s Day!