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Welcome to Midtown Market, Paducah’s premier gourmet grocery store. We carry high quality local produce, organic foods and unique flavors that you won’t find easily anywhere else in our region. At Midtown Market we have something for everyone, from made to order sandwiches and Boar’s Head meats and cheeses in our deli, to custom cuts of steak and other responsibly-raised meats found in our custom meat shop. We partner with local farmers and producers in order to carry as many locally-resourced fruits, vegetables and other products made in western Kentucky. In fact, we carry more Kentucky Proud products than almost any other grocery retailer in this end of the state. 

Whether you’re seeking an alternative to processed foods, or looking for organic produce and a variety of gluten-free items, our gourmet grocery carries high quality foods that are sure to meet your taste buds’ expectations. 

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Local Honey

One of the perks of being a local grocer is that we get to hand-select the produce and products that we sell. While large chain grocery stores have little to no control over the products they carry, at Midtown Market we actually know many of the producers and farmers whose products line our shelves.

Take our selection of local honey, for example. It’s all natural and produced right here in Paducah, Kentucky, by Annie Broyles and her son-in-law, Chuck Collins of Broyles Apiary on Clinton Road.

For 22 years, the Broyles family has produced local honey and sold it at the Downtown Paducah Farmers Market.  About two years ago, Chuck and Annie’s daughter, Beverly Collins, decided to move back to Paducah. Since then, the couple has helped Annie grow the family business from a small honey producing operation into a full-service beekeeping business.

“Midtown Market is one of our best customers,” Chuck says. “Being able to sell through a local retailer has allowed us to increase the number of bee colonies we have on site and to teach classes on how to do beekeeping in the region.”

The expansion of the Broyles’ apiary business has also been good for Midtown Market customers. Now, rather than waiting until the farmers’ market opens in the spring, fresh honey is available at Midtown Market throughout the year. We now carry a variety of flavored honey produced by Broyles Apiary, as well as a few additional products that Annie creates using the by products of the family’s honey production.

“Working in nature is hard work,” Chuck says. “But it’s well worth the time I get to spend more time with my family and to produce something so many people in our area love.”

There are a variety of foods and recipes that can be naturally sweetened using fresh, local honey. And while it is not medically proven that local honey really does help with allergies, most doctors do agree that it can be used as an effective cough suppressant. So be sure to sample one of the great flavors now available at Midtown Market. 

Photo Credit: Glenn Hall Photography